SES Micro-Stretcher

The SES Micro-stretcher has to be one of the most innovative products within the field of rescue and evacuation that has emerged for a long time. The art of fitting an almost 2 meter long stretcher in a “laptop-bag” is one thing but it doesn’t stop there – the stretcher practically unfolds by itself in a couple of seconds once you have opened the bag – that’s impressive! The choice of materials is first class, rods in carbon fiber and the craftsmanship of people that also makes parachutes then you understand the quality to expect.

Designed specifically to aid rapid, horizontal casualty retrieval, the Micro Stretcher collapses into six sections enabling it to be carried in its compact protective cover. It is ideal for storing in land, marine or aviation vehicles as well as being part of a backpack configuration for ground personnel. This compact and lightweight system can be removed from its cover and erected into a full length (6ft) stretcher in seconds. Its construction comprises carbon fiber rods and strengthening inserts encased in a hardwearing mesh netting frame. These materials contribute to the remarkable strength and unrivalled lightweight characteristics of the Micro Stretcher. Four carrying handles, four casualty restraining straps and a foam head pad ensure that this system offers both patient and rescuers optimum security and ease of handling throughout the retrieval process. The Micro Stretcher is available in standard emergency Orange, military spec Green, Sand and Black to suit all market requirements.

General Info

Each bag contains: 1 SES Micro-stretcher, 1 six man lifting accessory.

Options/accessories: Ex. Custom Cases, Horizontal and Vertical Lifting Slings

Materials: Carbon Fibre Rods, Polyester Nylon Webbing, Polyester Nylon Mesh, Homopolymer Polyester Strengthener Inserts, Nylon Binding Tape, High Strength Acetal (POM) Buckles, Polyester Foam Spacer Headpad and High Tensile Elasticated Cord.

Standard Colors: Orange, Mil Green, Sand & Black. Other colors are available as special orders only
i.e. Camouflage or customer requirement.

Patent Application No: GB 1318816.4
Designed & Manufactured by SES in our UK facility


  • Reduces the weight for this type of equipment for the operator
  • Reduces the volume required for this capability for operator
  • Ease of transportation into confined spaces before deployed
  • 4 man or six man lifting capability
  • Horizontal and Near vertical lift capable
  • Compact for storage and transportation
  • Ease of use by trained or untrained personnel
  • Color variations for specific operational use
  • Low maintenance

Current Users

French Special Forces, French Paramedics, UK Ministry of Defense (RAF & Navy) UK SAS, UK Fire & Rescue, UK Air Ambulance, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Army and Formula One Racing in Monaco.

$1,792.00 (Includes shipping)

NATO number (NSN) - sand colored stretcher - 4240-99-593-9600
NATO number (NSN) - black colored stretcher -4240-99-555-4379
NATO number for green and orange micro-stretchers still pending