About Us

Southwest Synergistic Solutions is a San Antonio, Texas based company that develops and manufactures specialized lighting solutions for our war fighters and first responders.

Our original product, the Emergency/Triage Light was developed in conjunction with a JSOC unit to help reduce the equipment weight and volume carried by the medics. In the past the medics would carry four bags with different colored chemical lights to signal different triage conditions, now they can carry one bag which weighs less, takes up less volume and improves their capabilities. The triage light project is associated with the Department of Defenses, “Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative” and the E/T Lights themselves have been reviewed by the Inter Agency Board which has associated the E/T Lights with two different Standardized Equipment List numbers. Be sure to include us in your next grant application. We have recently been vetted by DHS's, "Safety Act' program and Southwest Synergistic Solutions, LLC and the E/T Light technology have been designated a, "QUALIFIED ANTI-TERRORISM TECHNOLOGY". The E/T Light technology is certified an, "APPROVED PRODUCT FOR HOMELAND SECURITY".

Today there are several versions of the E/T Light and they are used for a variety of marking and signaling purposes. Ideal for night time/adverse condition mass casualty incident’s, extended mass casualty incidents, tactical (active shooter) scenarios and battlefield situations. The E/T LIGHT® is simple to use, easy to carry, customizable, reusable, highly visible from a distance (covert/overt), is combat-proven and has been used in actual mass casualty situations.

Beyond its original military application, the E/T Light® is perfect for the hunter, fisherman, boater, hiker, caver, diver, boys scout, etc…

Tough and reliable they will be used time and time again. Help reduce waste and stop throwing away your money every time you crack a chemical stick. In a recent search (11/2013) of the NSN’s associated with chemical light sticks, we tax payers have spent over $179,000,000.00 since 2010 according to DLA numbers. Chemical lights cost you ~$1.13+ every time you crack one, the E/T Light can cost you as little as one penny to four pennies per hour to run.

In addition to the E/T LIGHT®, Southwest Synergistic Solutions developed a second product for our Special Operations community. The Compass Light fits under a SUUNTO® M-9 wrist compass and is activated by two switches to avoid inadvertent activation. The war fighter now ever so slightly illuminates the compass from the underside of the face to see the direction and not give away his position. He no longer needs to stop and cover at any predetermined distance to illuminate the face of the compass with a flashlight, over and over again.

Lastly we have developed two FREE apps for use by anyone who is ever caught in a disaster situation. It was in 1905 when SOS was originally recognized, we are on 2013 and technology has advanced. Today over 90% of adults in the US carry cellular phones or some other smart device with an illuminated screen (laptops, Ipads, etc…). We propose using the night to signal first responders using the devices most of us carry with us all the time. The Disaster ID app when activated simply turns your screen on to the appropriate color (children are red, elderly/disabled are green, adults are blue, pets are yellow) and flash pattern (Solid- I’m here but OK, Flashing – I’m here and need help) so you can signal at night or in a dark building.

The Visual 911+ app takes the visual signaling concept one step further. When you activate the app it not only turns your device screen on to visually signal but it also transmits an email to three lifeline buddies you entered when you first downloaded the app. The email includes a message stating you have activated the app and shows a link to Google maps which shows your general GPS location. Now your lifeline buddies can go look for you in the area and zone in on you looking for the visual signal coming from your screen. The lifeline buddies could share the GPS information with authorities and let them know to look for the illuminated colored screen in the area. We soon will be adding a LED flashlight feature.

Try Visual 911+ on your laptop right now, click here <<<

Southwest Synergistic Solutions, LLC is a minority owned business and a proud servant to our troops and first responders.

Please contact us and share any stories of how you utilize the E/T Lights and if you have any new projects please email. We love feedback (good and bad).

Patents 7326179, D576323, 7510527, 7674227, 8403846, D702874, 8403846, 8744871, 8907808, 9324226, D762883 and Patents pending.

SUUNTO® is a registered trademark of Suunto Oy Corp.

Contact jc@triagelights.com for more information.